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My biography

Diane de Ferron is a French Swiss photographer based in Rome. After a career in law and consulting, she studied photography at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia e di Cinema, where she deepened her knowledge on silver salts photography and traditional printing techniques.

Mostly an analog photographer, her body of work mainly focuses on landscapes, nature and human subjects which she captures through poetic and intense compositions.

These past years, she dedicated a big part of her work to the printing process she considers almost more important than the subject itself. She explores different analog printing methods in her Roman dark room and produces most of her prints. 

She has been shown in different exhibitions in Rome and was selected for the project Imago Mundi of the Benetton Foundation and its French collection «Instant Présent» in 2016.

More recently, her work was shown in Arles at the very prestigious “Rencontres internationales de la photographie” where she was welcomed with praises and cheers by the photography world.